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Windshield Tint Caption
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Manufacturer Products
(Windshield Tint)
% Visible Light % Total Solar
Energy Rejection
% UV Rejection


CXP 80 80



Formula One --- ---



Llumar Blue Air 80 78



Solar Gard --- ---



Madico --- ---



Johnson InsulatIR 85 83



3M CR90 86



Tinting the side and rear windows help lower the temperature inside your vehicle. The front windshield is typically the largest window of the car and will allow the most heat to enter into your vehicle's interior. Since tint shading can interfere with one's view, windshield tinting has not really been allowed. But with Nano-Hybrid Carbon Construction Technology, this almost clear film makes it possible.

The Ultra Light Performance windshield film offers high clarity for unaltered visibility and safe driving. This film will block 44% heat and over 99% UV rays of damaging and harmful ultraviolet light. It will also help protect your vehicle's interior from fading and assist in the prevention of premature skin aging.

A device to measure heat, called a BTU meter, can demonstrate the difference between a non-tinted windshield versus one that has been tinted with the Nano-Hybrid Carbon film. The difference has been proven to be dramatic – the non-tinted windshield registered close to 285BTU, while the tinted version came below 100BTU.

The very light, almost clear shade of tint creates no visible difference in the look of the window and will not impair day or night time vision. What you will experience is an improved interior comfort due to the blocking of heat, and all while maintaining a factory look since the film is almost invisible.